“Ornaments serve to transport us from the mundane, to the eternal; to the divine.”


  • Madeline is an artist and designer based on Wonnarua Nation, Hunter Valley, Australia. She acknowledges and pay respects to the traditional custodians of this land, past, present and emerging.

    Madeline is a multi faceted artist that is enamoured with the echo of creativity from human kind and its reflections of the natural and mystical worlds

    Every piece is made in her home studio, slowly and intentionally while she also navigates motherhood with two small children.

    She priorities sustainable practices, recycled metals, high quality - ethically sourced components and only working with local and small companies to bring a new holistic stance to crafting.

  • Being a complete self taught jeweller she has discovered her own unique style of ornamentation away from traditional techniques and schooling.

    Madeline uses undefined esoteric symbolism not as direct meanings, but rather to convey the power of persisting emblems, stories and ancient unconscious memories associated with them.

    This allows the wearer to adorn themselves with their own interpretation and intention

    A practical yet playful collection that is created for you directly by her hands and her one employee in country NSW, Australia.

    Thank you for your space time and support for directly contributing to small artists. makers and mothers.

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