“Ornaments serve to transport us from the mundane, to the eternal; to the divine.”


  • Madeline is an artist and designer based on Wonnarua Nation, Hunter Valley, Australia. She acknowledges and pay respects to the traditional custodians of this land and all lands, past, present and emerging.

    Madeline Harris Studio is the newest evolvement of Madeline as an Artist.

    Previously known as Wander Scout - Madelines pivot is to encourage being seen as an artist and not just as a brand.

    Madeline is a multi faceted artist that is enamoured with her own intrinsic creativity as well as the creativity of human kind historically, and the Earth itself. She also honours the echoes and ancient heritage of craftsmanship found within jewellery design

    Being a complete self taught jeweller she uses a wide range of techniques to discover her own unique style of ornamentation.
    Her works are not defined - more a study of an incomplete idea or story.

  • She endeavours to pursue balance and the bliss found in aesthetic.
    A practical yet captivating collection that reflects the luminous focal points of the world.

    Madeline uses esoteric symbolism not as direct meanings, but rather to convey the power of persisting emblems and the anthropological memories associated with them. This allows the wearer to adorn themselves with their own interpretation.
    Every piece is made in her home studio, slowly and intentionally while she also navigates motherhood with two small children.
    She priorities sustainable practices and collaborating with other local and small companies to bring a new holistic stance to crafting and selling online.

    If you feel the calling to collaborate with us please get in touch.