Jewellery Care

  • Over time, jewellery will naturally oxidise due to the nature of the elements.

    To preserve your jewellery from tarnishing, avoid contact with all bodies of water, harsh chemicals, perfume and lotions. Try not to use your jewellery during certain activities such as cleaning, swimming and exercising etc.

    Removing your jewellery while sleeping also keeps it in better condition and we recommend you store your pieces in a safe dry place (jewellery box or bag, provided). All jewellery should be cleaned periodically using the soft cloth.

    I do not offer maintenance, refunds, replacements for breakages UNLESS damaged in transit and you contact me within 7 days.

    All our designs are considered as fine jewellery and artistic adornments, please treat them with high regard and fragility. Once they are in your care they are your responsibility - Thank you for understanding. 

    And; In all honesty i do make my designs to be DURABLE i personally am a 'put on and never take off' kind of adornment wearer -  All my designs are personally kid tested and i have chosen sturdy chains etc for yanking durability etc. If this is you too, i can say that my designs are made with this in consideration but the above information still stands.

    Thank you