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Pisces - pre order

Pisces - pre order

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A work in ode to the oldest zodiac known on record. 

"Pisces" is the latin word for fishes.

They're are alot of stories around pisces, being one of the hardest to pin down. (playing with the traits of adaptability and indecisiveness that play into pisces horoscope) 

My favourite myth is that the fishes are the goddess Aphrodite and her son Eros. They turned themselves into fish, or fish appeared to help them in order to escape from the monster Typhon. They connected themselves together with a ribbon in order not to be separated.

 In Syrian mythology, the fish were known as Ichthyes. They helped save Ashtarte (the Syrian version of Aphrodite) by taking her down the river Euphrates.

In most cases it is said the fishes courage to save the embodiment of love was honoured with a place in the stars for eternity. 



Pendant on 40cm sterling silver figaro chain 

Pre order with a 6-8 week to be crafted in our home studio. 

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